With over 50 years of experience

Craft bookbinding in Madrid

our work are quality leather on books, folders, restorations...


With over 50 years of experience our work are quality leather on books, folders, restorations, etc ...


We make bindings of all kinds in a totally handmade way. From the simplest but always careful basic bindings, to all kinds of custom orders in different materials.

Holand Binding

Consists of a spine and leather bands and two planes of other material such as cloth or paper could be.


Simple Bindings

The simplest bindings that are carried out in our workshop are made ​​of fabric, silk, paper or guafex / synthetic leather.

Despite being the simplest, are works with the high level of quality and durability that give the craftsmanship and expertise of our professionals.

Classic and Luxury Bindings

HOLLAND BINDINGS: This binding, also called "with leather spine" or "half leather".
This section also included books in Holland and skin tipped dual band.
LEATHER BINDING: Binding made ​​entirely of leather, for which we have a large display / sample of fur types and colours of the highest quality and specially tanned for bookbinding work.
Classic and Luxury Bindings


Bindings made​​, both in execution and decoration, imitating vintage styles of leather and parchment.

Classic and Luxury Bindings

PhD Thesis

We bind PhD Thesis (dissertations), as required by the different universities.

Photo albums

Traditional albums, books and pages with a specific form for our customers attach their most special and intimate photographs and resist without a problem over the years and use.
The thickness of the book is ready for that, once the photos are stuck in their pages, not suffer any deformation and have a perfect look.
Photo albums

Signature's books

The signature books are destined to collect moments and visits of personalities or outstanding people and for that reason they are special.

Photo albums

Bind your special moments

Books with a specific form and pages for our customers attach their most special and intimate photographs
They will resist the passage of years and use without problem.

Our jobs

Our jobs

All our work is done entirely handcraft for the best and most experienced professionals with the best quality materials which guarantee a finish, quality, durability and exclusivity (for being unique and customized products) not be matched by industrial techniques.

Customer service

Customer service

In our workshop to receive personal attention and advise presupuestarles without any compromise, in order to achieve the desired product and that his books have a new, longer life.

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